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Attention to all players! Kings of Tallinn dates may change due to the prevailing situation. We update the information as soon as possible

This is your quick guide to Kings of Tallinn, the greatest poker week in the Nordics.

Location: Hilton Tallinn Park & Olympic Park Casino. Address: Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi St. 23, Tallinn, Estonia

Key info

  • Bring a valid ID and register on the ground floor at the entrance desk of Olympic Park Casino & get your daily tournament wristband
  • Every tournament day has a new colour wristband
  • Exchange money & buy tournament tickets at the casino cashier

Olympic Park Casino

Situated on the first floor of Hilton Tallinn Park, the Olympic Park Casino is open 24 hours. The casino age limit is 21 years and you will need a valid ID in order to enter. This is where you will find all cash games.


In order to enter tournaments and/ or cash games, you will need to be registered into Olympic Park Casino, on the first floor of Hilton Tallinn Park. You will receive a wristband that you will also need when entering the tournament room on the second floor.

Cash Games

All cash games run 24/ 7 inside the casino, on the ground floor of Hilton. There is a cash game registration point inside the casino poker room where players can self-register to any cash games. You can also register for cash games also online (up to 2 cash tables at once) HERE. After registration you will receive a text message when a new table opens or a seat becomes available.


Every tournament day has a different wristband so get your new wristband from the ground floor casino desk before entering the tournament room.


With the exception of first and last day events and some final tables, all tournaments are played on the second floor of Hilton. You will need to wear your casino wristband in order to be able to enter the tournament room.

Tournament Tickets

The casino cage on the ground floor sells tournament tickets, cashes winnings and exchanges money.

Any pre-reserved tickets have to be picked up at the casino cage before the respectivbe event starts.

Please note that tournament tickets to one chip flips, late registration tickets and re-entry tickets are sold right inside the tournament room.

Late Registration

All events, one chip flips excluded, have a minimum of one hour late registration period. Late registration tickets and re-entry tickets can be bought in the tournament room, on the second floor.

Please note that coming late into an event may result in having to wait for a seat as many of our events are very popular. Buying tournament tickets prior to starting time is highly recommended.

Tournament Waiting Lists

Sometimes the tournament ticket demand gets bigger than what we may have in seats at that point of time and we may have to create a waiting list for an event. A floor staff will be in the tournament room to write down player’s names. This usually means a small wait for players coming in late, but seats will be provided, and players will eventually go in with a full stack. Players coming in late, with late registration already closed, will have part of their stacks blinded off.

One Chip Flips

One Chip Flip satellites are fast tracks into a target event. One Chip Flip tickets can be bought in the tournament room just before the flip in question starts and the tickets are fee free. Flips do not have a late registration period. Registration ends when the flip is about to start.

Tournament Caps

As mentioned, Kings of Tallinn events are very popular and some events will need to have a waiting list. We estimate how many seats we think we can sell before starting a waiting list and post a number online. For example, Soft Cap 100 means that we sell 100 tickets and then start a waiting list in the tournament room. Usually, everyone gets a seat but players coming in late may have to go through a waiting list.

We have a couple of events with a hard cap. Cap 100 for example would mean that most likely the event in question will sell 100 tickets and not more, no waiting list, so be sure to buy your tournament ticket well before the event in questions is about to start.

Team Competition

2% of prizepools of all regular tournaments with at least 12 unique players will go into a Team Challenge prizepool. Players can form teams of four people and collect points when cashing. 75% of the team prizepool will go the winning team and 25% to the runner-up team.

Team Challenge ranking events are marked with the event number being on a red background in the festival schedule. Teams can be registered until the first break of the Main Event day 1. In order to receive points for ranking events on Tuesday, Feb 18th and Wednesday, Feb 19th the team has to be registered before the respective event starts.

Points for the Team Challenge are calculated by the prize money earned from a tournament, divided by the amount of the tournament buy-in (without fee).

Tournament Schedule

The tournament schedule has been built so that players can play Main Event and most of the side events. Main Event will finish each day before 9pm.

Eating & Drinking

Snacks and drinks can be bought in our tournament room bar. Hilton has a nice restaurant and the casino downstairs offers a fantastic bar with a selection of dishes as well. Food may be delivered to player’s lounge through food delivery apps such as Wolt or Bolt Food.

Key Tournament Rules

All tournaments operate on TDA rules, which are used by all main tournament providers in the world.

  • The Tournament Director and Floor Personnel are to consider the best interest of the game and fairness as the top priority in the decision-making process. Unusual circumstances may on occasion dictate that decisions in the interest of fairness take priority over the technical rules. The decisions of the Tournament Director and/or Floor Personnel are final.
  • English only when anyone at your table has cards.
  • Last aggressive action shows first and if no action, next player from the button to show first. All in and call: all players involved need to showdown.
  • Calling for a clock: time is given by floor person or tournament director only and when the time request is reasonable. Given time is a total of 30 seconds in all events, but TD’s discretion may apply.
  • If a player has not taken their seat and the dealer has dealt the last player all the cards, then: in tournaments - the hands of those players are declared “dead” and the cards are removed (mucked). in cash games - the cards are removed, when it’s this player’s turn to make a decision and they have not taken their seat.
  • If you have any questions, our friendly staff is happy to assist you!