Poker champ Anton Wigg is coming to win: Tallinn has plenty of action and value

11th Feb 2019

Swedish EPT champion and WSOP bracelet winner Anton Wigg who has close to $2.5 million in live tournament winnings will be returning to Estonia for a busy week of poker action at OlyBet Kings of Tallinn.

This is not your first time playing poker in Tallinn. What brings you back?

Yes, I believe this will be my fourth time playing in Tallinn. I’ve been here for both EPT a long time ago and more recently Kings of Tallinn in 2016!

What are you most excited about returning to Kings of Tallinn?

I’ve always had a great time when visiting. The city is really cool, loads of good restaurants, bars and friendly people.

The tournaments have been very well run in the past with plenty of action and value. Now I’ve heard you have a new hotel and casino as well so I’m excited to come try it out.

I’ve been in this game for quite some time now but every time I get to compete live, that’s when I feel that the work I’ve put in really gets to be put to use. So to answer your question, I’m looking to win and hoping to have a lot of fun on the way!

What events are you planning on playing?

I’ll be playing everything from €500 and up and maybe you’ll see me splashing around in something smaller just for fun (and team rankings of course) if I’m not at a dinner or in a cash game.

Is there anything else you hope to see or do in Tallinn besides poker?

Don’t be surprised if you see me in Old Town eating the local specialty “Bear Stroganoff”. They say you are what you eat so my recommendation is trying it out before your next session. See you soon!