Meet Our Main Event Finalists

We had a chance to ask most of the final table players a little bit about their thoughts going into the final table. Here’s what they had to say. 

Seat 1 – 🇫🇮 Matias Knaapinen 434,000

Matias (32) is a semi-pro player from Finland regularly playing PLO cash games and live tournaments. He has more than half a million in live tournament winnings, while his best results so far have been the 3rd place for 2012 EUREKA Prague Main Event for €75,000 and the 1st place in EMOP Barcelona Main Event for €93,000. Whenever there’s a fun poker festival in Tallinn, he is always here. Going into the final table he says it’s not going to be easy but he is definitely going for the 1st place here as well.

Seat 2 – 🇪🇪 Tanel Evert 292,000

Tanel (45) is an Estonian businessman who considers himself a hobby player. He only plays Texas Hold’em and recently took down the Estonian Online Poker Champion title for €12,500 prize. However, he prefers to play live.

Seat 3 – 🇫🇮 Kasper Mellanen 1,391,000

Second in chips is a 23-year-old marketing student Kasper. Poker is currently his only income, however, he is not yet ready to call himself a professional poker player. He plays both live and online and prefers PLO cash games. Talking about the highlights of his poker career so far, he said that he managed to bluff his friend out of trips at Kings of Tallinn Day 3. It’s his first time playing a tournament in Tallinn and he’s going to the final table with great confidence, having a good chance of taking down the title.

Seat 4 – 🇪🇪 Roland Luik 622,000

Roland (29) is a construction worker based in Tallinn, Estonia. He considers poker to be a hobby and he mostly plays deep stack live tournaments. His best achievement in poker has been finishing 2nd in the MPN Poker Tour Tallinn Main Event for €24,000 last August. Having run into some trouble during Day 4, he feels good going to the final table hoping for a great day.

Seat 5 – 🇱🇹 Lukas Rutkauskas 2,238,000

Seat 6 – 🇫🇮 Aki Pyysing 233,000

Aki Pyysing (49) is a professional poker player from Finland with close to 20 years of experience. He is running a popular poker blog and has been rewarded a title of Poker Face of the Year in 2014 in Finnish Poker Awards. He prefers to play live and he’s very favourite format of the game is Pot Limit 5 Card Omaha Hi-Lo, which is quite rare to find to be played live. He has been playing at Kings of Tallinn Main Event all three years. Aki’s plan for the final day as the shortest stack at the table – push it in and hope for the best!

Seat 7 – 🇱🇹 Vincas Tamasauskas 1,278,000

Vincas (28) is a Lithuanian poker pro, playing equally online and live and only tourneys. He has been playing Texas Hold’em but is currently trying to master PLO as well. It’s his second time at Kings of Tallinn. Feeling confident about his game and stack, he is today going for the title.

Seat 8 – 🇸🇪 Jimmy Lundemo 652,000

Seat 9 – 🇱🇹 Aurimas Naujalis 316,000

Aurimas (23) considers himself a professional poker player while studying business organisation. He mostly plays multi-table tournaments online. However, not huge in stack he feels well about his situation before the final table as he has already come up from being down to 7 blinds.