Thank you!

We’d like to thank everyone – players from near and far – who joined us at the Kings of Tallinn 2016 making this an extremely fun and enjoyable poker festival. With close to 800 unique players and more than half a million euros rewarded as prizes the festival was a huge success. As we are doing this all for you, we welcome any feedback and suggestions for next time on

We really hope to see you all next year when the festival will probably already be held in a new venue – in the soon-to-open Baltic’s first Hilton and the Estonian new flagship Olympic Casino. Meanwhile you can check out the full-length TV stream from the Main Event final day and join us at the tables on OlyBet. Thank you!


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Team Challenge victory worth €11,501 goes to Finland


With the end of the Main Event we can also conclude our fascinating Team Challenge. 2% of all prizepools of Kings of Tallinn tournaments were set aside for the overall best team. This year that meant a record-braking 11,501 euros for the real kings of Tallinn. We had 44 registered 4-player teams and it was really close right until the end. 

A round of applause goes to Kings of Vousaari, the best team of Kings of Tallinn 2016, including Risto Pönniö, Nemo Vilpponen, Tero Lipponen and Oskari Leino.

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Johan Creutz wins Kings of Tallinn Main Event

KingsOfTallinn16-505_winner main event5 action-packed days behind him, Johan Creutz from Sweden has won the OlyBet Kings of Tallinn Main Event. After making a deal heads-up with Finland’s Sauli Haapaniemi, Creutz takes home €52,200 and a fantastic Kings of Tallinn victory trophy. According to the deal, Haapaniemi got €46,200 for his 2nd place. Congratulations to all the winners of Kings of Tallinn!

Full final table results

1. Johan Creutz, Sweden, €52,200

2. Sauli Haapaniemi, Finland, €46,200

3. Göran Claesson, Sweden, €23,400

4. Henri Parviainen, Finland, €18,800

5. Jussi Mattila, Finland, €14,100

6. Kristo Klaassen, Estonia, €10,100

7. Markku Koplimaa, Estonia, €8,000

8. Akseli Paalanen, Finland, €6,000

9. Kai Lehto, Finland, €4,300


Photo memories from today’s OlyBet Kings of Tallinn Main Event 

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Main Event final table live stream

Follow the Main Event action here, the stream is delayed 30 minutes for fair play. We will also hold a freeroll for all the followers on OlyBet at 5 pm. To register you need a password that will be revealed during the TV coverage. TOP 20 players at the freeroll will win a seat to OlyBet Poker Series in Tallinn. You can find the freeroll on OlyBet poker room at the Tournaments -> Freeroll section.


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Marie-Pier Simard wins her first ever poker tournament in Tallinn

KingsOfTallinn16-496_winner 6max turbo_Marie-Pier Simard

While the two-time World Series of Poker champion Kevin MacPhee has not been lucky in Tallinn this time, it is his lovely girlfriend Marie-Pier Simard who will remember Tallinn as a place for her first-ever poker tournament victory. Marie-Pier won the €150 6-handed Turbo, one of our last events this afternoon, earning €1,481 for her 1st place finish.


1. Marie-Pier Simard (USA) – €1 481
2. Nemo Vilponen (Finland) – €1 030
3. Mantas Bagočius (Lithuania) – €720
4. Clint Sammut (Malta) – €525
5. Mark Metsla (Estonia) – €360

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Satellite winner Aleksandr Djadjai takes down the €2k High Roller



The 2-day High Roller event had a total of 48 buy-ins, making a prizepool of more than 100 000 euros. After getting his ticket to the €2K High Roller from a live satellite for only 165 euros, it was Aleksandr Djadjai, a Russian player living in Estonia, whoo took down the event and won a whopping 36,000 euros for his 1st place finish. What’s cool is that Djadjai had been playing poker for just 6 months before his first major victory today. Congrats!

Results of the €2K High Roller Event 

1. Aleksandr Djadjai (Estonia), €36,000
2. Tommi Lankinen (Finland), €25,000
3. Lasse Laukkarinen (Finland), €17,300
4. Vytautas Špakauskas (Lithuania), €10,200
5. Andres Allsalu (Estonia), €7,300
6. Jeff Sarwer (Finland), €6,120


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Seat draw for Main Event final table

1Markku KoplimaaEST1,254,000
2Johan CreutzSWE669,000
3Jussi MattilaFIN693,000
4Akseli PaalanenFIN574,000
5Kristo KlaassenEST1,144,000
6Kai LehtoFIN490,000
7Sauli HaapaniemiFIN1,588,900
8Göran ClaesonSWE528,000
9Henri ParviainenFIN411,000
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2K Highroller Event seat draw and payouts



In addition to the Main Event final table we will today also see the end of 2k Highroller with 9 players remaining.

Seat draw

Table 1

  1. Aleksandr Djadjai 488,000
  2. Justas Vaiciulionis 64,000
  3. Tommi Lankinen 323,500
  4. Aki Pyysing 168,000
  5. Jeff Sarwer 227,500

Table 2

  1. Vytautas Špakauskas 191,500
  2. Lasse Laukkarinen 214,500
  4. Viktors Caikins 59,000
  5. Andres Allsalu 84,500 


  1. €36,000
  2. €25,000
  3. €17,300
  4. €10,200
  5. €7,300
  6. €6,120
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Victory for Malta!

KingsOfTallinn16-482_winner_rebuy omaha

Sami Aleksi Pulliainen, representing Malta, wins the Rebuy Omaha event ahead of 62 players. There were a total of 226 rebuys made and together with buy-ins the prizepool reached €17,248.


1. Sami Aleksi Pulliainen (Malta) – 5500 €
2. Ville-Pekka Vilhunen (Finland) – 3570 €
3. Heikki Tuomas Meriläinen (Finland) – 2640 €
4. Grigorij Rudnik (Lithuania) – 1860 €
5. Kaspars Renga (Latvia) – 1240 €
6. Jukka Tapio Parviainen (Finland) – 1000 €
7. Jarmo Antero Komulainen (Finland) – 788 €
8. Matti Tapani Valo (Finland) – 650 €

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Finns ruled the €300 Deepstack Event


At the end of a 2-day NL Texas Hold’em Deepstack event, it was Kyösti Allan Isberg from Finland as the last man standing. With 154 buy-ins to the event the prizpool climbed up to €55,272. Isberg got a nice payday for his 1st place finish, cashing €14,700.


1. Kyösti Allan Isberg (Finland) – €14 700
2. Joni Juhani Nyman (Finland) – €9 900
3. Olli Juhani Muukkonen (Finland) – €6 100
4. Heppu Eemil Simola (Finland) – €4 560
5. Erik Anton Wigg (Sweden) – €3 500
6. Andrejs Perederejevs (Latvia) – €2 480
7. Ari Tapio Hissa (Finland) – €2 000
8. Kęstutis Gecevičius (Lithuania) – €1 520
9. Karl Robert Sven Ahlmark (Sweden) – €1 170
10. Maret Komarova (Estonia) – €1 170
11. Mark Anthony Vella (Malta) – €1 048
12. Hans Peter Jesper Arctaedius (Sweden) – €1 048
13. Jari Tapio Kärkkäinen (Finland) – €898
14. Martinš Kleins (Latvia) – €898
15. Natalia Manuyko (Estonia) – €760
16. Ranel Käsi (Estonia) – €760
17. Aleksei Smirnov (Estonia) – €690
18. Carmen-Elina Kupri (Estonia) – €690
19. Kristi Kirs (Estonia) – €690
20. Reigo Maar (Estonia) – €690

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